Welcome to our WEB site!


Welcome to Bob's & Genny's Home on the WeB. This is where we can publish all our cool stuff. What will you find here? Well...if you look at the menu, that will give you some idea.

  • Vacation Scrapbook is our on-line vacation photo album.
  • Cars has information about our Miata's and Buick Restoration.
  • Woodshop has pictures and information on Bob's furniture building projects.
  • Sandie's Home is our dog's web site.
  • Duke's Home is our dog's web site.
  • Brandie's Home is our dog's web site.
  • Backyard landscaping shows the evolution of our backyard.

There may also be additional menus that are specific to the section you are currently viewing.

Website History

When the web was young, Bob started playing with web design and soon had a dedicated Internet connection. For many years this site was hosted on his own hardware. Bob used the site to experiment with HTML and CGI programming.

That all changed when the ISP he used decided that they didn't want to support static IP address and disabled it without any notice. At that point, it became easier to have a hosting company host the site.

With the availability of broadband, this site is now back to being hosted on my own hardware. This site is used as a place to experiment with various web technologies. The current site uses AJAX to provide a standard header, footer and menu to most of the pages.