Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Tripping hazards

We installed a number of tripping hazards or as they’re commonly called, post footings for the deck. Our updated deck design calls for some additions beyond the original deck and those will need footings. The largest addition will be a 13ft. x 13ft. step down area off the main corner. We’re also extending out part of the deck to make room for a small fire pit and adding a walkway between the main deck and the back door. Most of the new footings are located where they can easily trip someone up, hence the tripping hazards.


Digging the holes, mixing the cement, and poring the footings took about a day and half. We used 34 bags of cement. And just because, we did this on what was probably the hottest weekend of the year.

We also spent a bit more time on the utility room, getting closer to finishing it off. We installed all the baseboard (but still need to sand down filler and touch up the paint). Genny painted the both the inside and outside of the door. This is the first door to get painted on the outside. With the new stain, the white primer doors stand out and not in a good way. The Oakmoss green is a big improvement.


With the utility room baseboard installed, we used some of the leftover to complete the baseboard in the downstairs dog cubby and the upstairs closet. The only trim left to install is the utility room window casing.

With the inside nearly complete, we’re turning out attention to the deck. While the deck should be the last project, it’s going to take a while to complete.

Todo list
Utility Room

  1. Fix ant infested ceiling joist
  2. Get roof fixed/replaced
  3. Replace electrical boxes
  4. Add recessed lighting
  5. Figure out washing machine drain
  6. Replace dryer vent
  7. Frame new closet
  8. Seal up the room
  9. New insulation
  10. New drywall
  11. Texture drywall
  12. Paint walls and ceiling
  13. Prep for tile floor
  14. Tile floor
  15. Grout floor
  16. Window and door trim
  17. Base boards
  18. Install closet door
  19. Install cabinetry