Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Rebuilding the utility room - part 1

Luckily, the ants are mostly gone. There were a few returning scouts crawling around so they were pretty easy to deal with.

This week, we come out of the closet. Or more specifically, we actually build a closet. Originally, the utility had a closet that spanned the entire back wall. In our revised designed, the closet is a bit smaller to make space for cabinets and counter space. The existing closet was added after the room was finished so the closet walls butted up to the drywall (and same on the ceiling). We wanted to mostly keep one of the small wall sections, but that meant modifying to fit against the wall and attach to the ceiling joist for stability. While doing this, we noticed that the wall is about 3/4 of inch out of plumb. To finish off the closet framing we added another small wall. The new closet layout is about half the size of the original.

Next on the list was electrical. After some of the problems we’ve encountered previously, we elected to just replace all the boxes. All the switch/outlet boxes were removed and replaced with new. The existing room light was replaced with recessed LED lights (well 2 of the planned 4 were installed). A new switch and recessed LED light was added for the closet because who wants a dark closet. A new outlet box was installed above where the counter will go to provide a convenient source of power for computers/desk accessories. All new switches and outlets were installed.


Lastly, we started on sealing up the space. Some of the big gaps at the back were spray foamed as was the gap around the door. Started installing insulation. We had about 1 1/2 packages left so used that up. 4 new packages should be waiting for pickup next week.

My original plan for replacing the ant infested ceiling joist was flawed. For some reason I thought that it was on hangers both front and back, failing to realize that the back of joist goes through the wall and provides the overhang. Thus I picked up a replacement that is too short by about a foot.

We had someone out to give us a quote for a new deck and also asked for quotes on fixing the ant damage and staining the house. His suggestion was to remove the roofing, pull the nails out of that one joist, replace the joist, fix the roof boards and re-roof. That’s probably what we’ll do, but now we need to know how much and when. Until that’s fixed, we can’t really do much more on the utility room.

With the utility room work on hold we focused on the outside. We racked up a tailer load of yard waste and hauled it down to the burn pile. Probably have 2 more trailer loads to go before the yard is all cleaned up.

Todo list
Utility Room

  1. Replace ant infested ceiling joist
  2. Get roof fixed/replaced
  3. Replace electrical boxes
  4. Add recessed lighting
  5. Figure out washing machine drain
  6. Replace dryer vent
  7. Frame new closet
  8. Seal up the room
  9. New insulation
  10. New drywall
  11. Texture drywall
  12. Paint walls and ceiling
  13. Prep for tile floor
  14. Tile floor
  15. Grout floor
  16. Window and door trim
  17. Base boards